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she has draWINGS BY HER CHILDREN SEWN INTO HER WEDDING DRESS this is the cutest ofmg

Okay I’m torn here, I think it’s sweet, but who the heck ruins a $1000 dress?!?! Now if she only paid $20 for the dress, then that’s a steal and go ahead an let the kids color on it, but I’m guessing it’s at least $1000 if not more and that is just money out the window….. 

Seriously it’s Angelina Jolie, lets be real, the images were printed onto the fabric, the dress was custom made this way, she didn’t just “let the kids colour on it” and I think it’s really short-sighted to say she’s ruining the dress. It’s her day and a wedding dress is supposed to be a reflection of the bride and I think that it just shows how much she wanted her children to be part of her day. And that’s just the kind of bride she is, I’m sure she didn’t see it as money wasted and lets be even more real - any wedding dress is just money out the window it’s a dress you wear once.